TikTok Star Larray To Launch Virtual Mac & Cheese Restaurant

Washington, J. (2021, August 18). Tiktok Star Larray to launch Virtual Mac & Cheese Restaurant. Seventeen. Retrieved October 6, 2021, from https://www.seventeen.com/celebrity/a37338342/tiktok-star-larray-virtual-restaurant/.


There’s a new business venture on the horizon for TikTok star Larray . The 23-year-old is launching a virtual restaurant called Larray’s Loaded Mac.

A far cry from the traditional mac and cheese you’re used to, Larray’s Loaded Mac will feature seven unconventional flavors. “That Girl,” a pizza-inspired option, and “Feelin’ Riskey,” a pulled pork, Fritos, onions, barbecue sauce, and cheese blend, are two examples of the heat Larray is bringing with his bold new branded menu.

He spilled the tea on the new restaurant during an interview with Insider. ” What inspired me to launch it was my grandmother [who] makes mac and cheese like crazy,” Larray explained. “It’s something that ran in the family.”

A unique menu isn’t the only unconventional thing Larray’s Loaded Mac boasts. Hungry patrons won’t be able to partake in in-person dining. The brand’s website lists several delivery apps, including DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates, which will carry the online menu in over 25 cities across the U.S.

With 24 million TikTok followers and 8.5 million on YouTube, Larray is in pretty good company. He now joins the likes of YouTube creator MrBeast, who launched a burger chain in December 2020, and TikToker Dylan Lemay, who revealed plans for a New York-based ice cream shop in August 2021.