'Jersey Shore' star Pauly D launches sub sandwich delivery business in Vegas

Archuleta, J. (2021, March 22). ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D launches Sub Sandwich Delivery Business in Vegas. FOX5 Las Vegas. Retrieved November 9, 2021, from https://www.fox5vegas.com/more/jersey-shore-star-pauly-d-launches-sub-sandwich-delivery-business-in-vegas/article_b666a8be-8b67-11eb-b451-eb515cb09823.html.


LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Las Vegas local and ‘Jersey Shore’ star Pauly D has launched his own delivery-only sub sandwich food service through Grubhub.

Pauly D’s Subs offers a variety of seven sandwiches right now that can only be ordered through Grubhub. 

Pauly D says he did it to bring his favorite Jersey food to Vegas.

“I wanted to feel like how it used to be like for me to go to a local deli and get that fresh Italian sandwich, but how do we get that to everybody,” Pauly D said. “That’s where these Virtual Dining Concepts come in. We’re using existing kitchens where they can implement this and use their own equipment, their own kitchens to give them a chance to make more revenue in their kitchen and stay afloat in these times.”

When it came to making his subs, Pauly D turned to Chef Eric Greenspan to create the sandwiches which existed in Pauly’s past.

“I did my best to stay authentic to that game whether by the pepperoncini, whether it be the dust as we call it, which is the black garlic powder and the Italian herbs or the finishing it all with what we called the drip, which is kind of our proprietary blend sauce that when you eat it, it kind of brings all the flavors together,” Greenspan said. “It was really a simple thing to do because you know Pauly knew what he wanted and the memories he wanted to invoke, and his memories were my memories so it was a really really easy collaboration.”

You can order the subs online through paulydssubs.com, and that’s where restaurants can also sign up to sell the subs out of their kitchen to build some extra revenue.