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A straightforward no-nonsense take on the classic American smash burgers, MrBeast features fan favorites like the simple Chandler Style, the loaded Chris Style, as well as both Nashville hot and classic fried chicken sandwiches, seasoned crinkle fries, and decadent chocolate chip cookies.

Who is MrBeast?

You may not be familiar but, quite simply, MrBeast is a popular culture phenomenon—going into business with Virtual Dining Concepts and MrBeast, means you will immediately attract his millions of fans and followers who are extremely loyal to him. These followers are the exact audience that you want to reach when starting a virtual brand because they rely on food delivery services when they want something to eat.

MrBeast’s popularity continues to grow and his fans love what he does. He will be very involved in reaching his audience thru videos that he posts on YouTube and his other social media channels. He has even named select MrBeast Burger menu items after his popular side-kicks. He is the real deal and VDC is offering you the opportunity to be part of the MrBeast sensation.

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