Our Concepts

Virtual Dining Concepts (VDC) brands are a collection of the most highly sought-after food delivery categories in the current marketplace, some with celebrities attached. With menus created by our chef, the Culinary Director of VDC, they can be reproduced in a wide range of kitchens with minimal training.

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MrBeast Burger Logo

MrBeast Burger

A straightforward no-nonsense take on the classic American smash burgers, MrBeast features fan favorites like the simple Chandler Style, the loaded Chris Style, as well as both Nashville hot and classic fried chicken sandwiches, seasoned crinkle fries, and decadent chocolate chip cookies.

Tyga Bites Logo

Tyga Bytes

Can you make it dip? Bite-sized hormone-free chicken bites and tater tots baked to dip! 3 dusts, 12 dips, and a whole lotta flavor!

Mariah's Cookies Logo

Mariah’s Cookies

Need a delectable treat created by a legendary musical icon? You’ve come to the right place.

Marios Tortas Logo

Mario’s Tortas Lopez

Family is everything when it comes to the Lopez’s! Feast on traditional Tortas, salads, churros, and more from Mario’s Tortas Lopez. There’s something to satisfy everyone!

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Pauly D's Italian Subs Logo

Pauly D’s Italian Subs

DJ Pauly D is sharing his love for Italian food with seven signature crafted sub sandwiches and a secret sauce he created called "The Drip". The menu also includes four salad options, sides including potato salad, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and chips, and cannoli desserts, Pauly D’s favorite Italian treat.

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Foodgod Logo

Foodgod Truffle Fries

The most luxurious truffled versions of American classics by dining deity, Foodgod. Offering crispy crinkle fries loaded to perfection, a truffle burger, the Tripper (a truffled version of a traditional ripper style hot dog), buffalo wings, and truffle honey-dipped fried chicken sandwiches all prepared with a complimentary side of truffle fries.

Yachty's Diner Logo

Yachty’s Diner

With a fluffy biscuit as the base, Yachty’s Diner flips sandwiches that will satisfy your hunger for comfort—with bacon, sausage, eggs, hamburger, gravy as well as fried chicken and waffles, breakfast boxes as well as sides and sauces to make your meal as sweet, savory or spicy as you like.

Wing Squad Logo

Wing Squad

In Squad We Trust! Get fired-up with our mouthwatering chicken wings and delicious sides served right to your door!

P.Za Kitchen Logo

P.Za Kitchen

Pizza delivery is nothing new. But P.ZA roman pies are, and we’ve got options to satisfy every craving.